Health and Safety



Unwavering Commitment to Health and Safety

At Frontier Development, we firmly believe that the success of our company is directly correlated with our commitment to health, safety, environment, and quality. Integrating safety into the quality of our work enhances productivity and job efficiency. Our comprehensive safety program is supported by a detailed safety manual that outlines specific policies and procedures for various scenarios, complemented by an extensive employee training program designed to uphold and exceed industry safety standards.

Commitment to Excellence and Integrity

We promote a robust culture of safety and employee wellness at Frontier Development. By focusing on enhanced safety processes, we foster a company-wide ethos of accident prevention, proactive safety promotion, and continual improvement. Our commitment extends beyond our team to include partnerships with customers and subcontractors, ensuring a collaboratively safe worksite for all involved. This culture is supported by mandatory participation in pre-employment, random, and post-accident drug testing for all employees.

Ensuring Operational Safety

Frontier Development conducts all operations with the highest regard for the safety of our employees, customers, and the public. Through continuous improvement of our safety practices and a strong emphasis on educating our workforce, we have developed robust safety measures that protect and enhance the operational environments we manage. This ongoing focus ensures that we maintain exemplary safety records and lead by example in the construction industry.